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99 % of who we are as human beings you can’t touch and you can’t see and you can’t feel and you can’t smell and you can’t get a hold of it, it’s a part of us in the non-form. We can only define that as a thought or a mental imagery or visualization or feeling or words that defy a formula because there is no form to them and the rules are different in this part of our consciousness where we think this thought process.

99% of our existence is inside and were obsessed of the 1 %, the one % that is in form. We spend most of our energy in the 1 % looking at each other’s packages.

The key question is how do you perceive yourself?

Stretching the Human Mind

  • Mind stretched to the limit will return back to its original dimension
  • Mind stretched beyond limit goes into a new dimension
  • Mind stretched to a new idea never returns to the original dimension

This means that a human mind stretched to a new idea never returns to the original dimension. Whenever you stretch something in limit, it returns back to its original dimension.

Comfort Zone

We are only willing to experience that which we know that we are safe and not go outside the limits. Open yourself up to not being that kind of a person any longer, who will only experience and go with what you know the outcome to be already and know that you can be comfortable with it and also know that within each of us we have this phenomenal capacity to be able to experience this entire range of human experience and to do it in comfort without suffering.


We can claim that we are transformed, when we go beyond our form. Where we always stretch our mind to new dimensions where we have never been and from where we would not like to come back to our previous position

EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD - Training for Transformation

We can attain desired transformation by knowing what, why and how to transform. Towards enabling this process of positive transformation, EVOLVE EDUCATION CONSULTANTS have designed and developed a series of training programs called EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD for children and youth in various age groups.

EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD Transformational Programs

EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD presents specially designed and developed Transformational Programs For Children & Youth. These programs are specifically created for children and youth as per their age group and enable them to transform to the desired levels. It will be an ideal springboard to enable them to be aware of their true potential and utilize it fully, thereby evolving to be a positive and successful individual.

The programs are bound to have a profound impact on the Awareness Levels, Motivation Levels and Ability of the participants to enhance their performance in their areas of focus.

The groups for the EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD programs are divided into three levels:

  • Level 1: 7th to 9th Standard
  • Level 2: 10th to 12th Standard
  • Level 3: College Students

EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD Trainer, Coach and Mentoring Certification Program

Get certified as a trainer, coach or mentor for our EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD Program. Our well-structured intensive program will enable you to be groomed for an appropriate role as a trainer, coach or mentor in our effort to reach out to millions of children and youth worldwide. Join our team of trainers as they carry the mission of EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD to transform the generation next through our quality training programs and workshops.


To know more about EVOLVE SPRINGBOARD programs, to enroll for the programs or join our trainer certification program, mail us with your contact details and your area of interest at


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